Seek, Sort & Select

Your Compatible Partner Online

No one wants to spend the rest of their life alone.

But can you really find your ideal life partner on a dating site?

Without a doubt! But only if you learn how to Seek, Sort, & Select!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I’m recently divorced and paralyzed by fear & uncertainty.
  • I'd like to try online dating but I'm not sure where to begin.
  • I'm currently online dating but feeling frustrated & discouraged.
  • I'm worried about looking desperate online and in person.
  • I'm anxious meeting strangers for a date.
  • I'm worried the only men I'll connect with online are weirdos.
  • I'm too old to date.

Seek, Sort & Select Is For You If:

  • You’re divorced and dating online for the first time.
  • You’ve tried online dating and it didn’t work.
  • You're ready to stop feeling like you're "rolling the dice" on every date.
  • You want to become a confident, conscious dater who knows how to spot great guys online.
  • You want to know how to write messages that make men respond.
  • You'd like to know when men are lying or leading you on.
  • You want to know your partner has long-term potential before you commit.
  • You want to be sure the next man in your life is a genuinely compatible partner.

By The End Of This Series You Will:

  • Know which online dating site is right for you.
  • Have a stellar dating profile that stands out & gets you great dates.
  • Know how to get a compatible partner's attention with just one sentence.
  • Effortlessly read between-the-lines of men's profiles, messages, & texts.
  • Know what to say (and not to say) in emails, texts and on first dates.
  • Know how to quickly ID & steer clear of phonies, liars, & players.
  • Feel completely comfortable, safe, & in control on first dates.
  • Be teeing up & winding down great first dates that leave men you want to see again wanting more.
  • Discover what it is about you that actually attracts compatible men.

What Can This Series Do For You?

Seek, Sort, & Select Your Compatible Partner Online is not a cookie-cutter workshop or webinar!

This Series centers around creating and promoting a stellar dating profile that attracts the type of men you're looking for online. It's built around a customized dating plan, personalized course materials, one-on-one coaching, and real-time feedback and support. It's a personal journey of transformation with a single goal: giving you the skills & techniques you need to find your ideal compatible partner.

Everything you'll experience in this Series will be specifically tailored to you: your story, your struggles, your needs, your unique character traits, your new life after divorce, your search for lasting love.

We'll steer you towards the dating sites that are right for you, work with you to craft a winning profile, teach you how to identify & approach compatible men, help you avoid the players and weirdos, and be your personal "Wing Woman" before, during, and after dates. We'll teach you how to become a confident, conscious dater who genuinely enjoys dating. We'll show you simple but highly effective techniques you can use to make compatible partners feel important and appreciated, techniques that will help you build a strong foundation for your next forever-after relationship.

By the end of this Series, you'll have everything you need to seek, sort, and select compatible partners online. You'll know how to get in front of men you actually want to meet. You'll have a system in place that lets you spend less time searching for men online and more time offline, getting to know great guys face-to-face. You'll experience, maybe for the first time, what it's like to accurately and confidently predict your romantic future.

How Is Seek, Sort & Select Delivered?

This Series is delivered over the course of six weeks through six one-on-one, hour-long coaching sessions. These sessions are conducted over the phone.

Your first two coaching sessions are focused on the most important piece of dating real estate you own: your online dating profile.

If you're new to online dating, we'll identify the right dating site for you and work with you, step-by-step, to create a winning profile that captures your strengths, separates you from the crowd, attracts compatible men, and gets you great dates. If you're already online dating, we'll do a complete profile makeover. We'll also teach you how to avoid the mistakes by 90% of online daters.

Once your perfect profile is in place, the real fun begins!

In your remaining four coaching sessions, we'll log onto your dating site and work with you, in real-time, as you begin to seek, sort, and select authentic men online.

This is by the far the most valuable part of this Series! No more second-guessing yourself or feeling overwhelmed, lost, and alone in front of your computer screen. You'll have a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach "sitting" right beside you as you search the site, screen matches for compatibility, message potential matches, and set up first dates.

Between sessions, you'll receive unlimited e-mail support & coaching. Need help coming up with a great opening line, conversation starter, or flirty email that gets a guy's attention? No problem! We've got your back. Need help deciphering an online match's mixed messages or confusing responses? E-mail us and we'll get to the bottom of things together.

All clients who enroll in this Series also receive free copies of our two eBooks, 55 Ways To Meet Men and 101 Dating Questions, as well as lifetime discounts on Compatible Connections' other products and services. This also includes one-on-one relationship coaching for clients who have taken things "offline" and are in the beginning stages of a committed relationship.

How Much Does This Series Cost?

High quality, one-one-one coaching requires a lot of training, expertise, and legwork.

One recent survey by the International Coach Federation, the gold-standard accrediting body for coaches, found that top-tier coaches were charging anywhere from $375 to $607 per hour for their services!

We understand that financial uncertainty is an unavoidable part of life for many divorced women. We're also aware there's no shortage of shady businesses out there that prey on the fears, anxieties, and dreams of single ladies.

Because Compatible Connections is committed to helping all women find the love of their lives after divorce, we've deliberately under priced our services. We've built our business around the idea that any woman re-building their life after divorce should be able to afford our services. We believe in putting the needs of prospective clients, not profits, first.

Our standard rate for coaching services is $125.00 per hour, which puts the total cost to enroll in our Seek, Sort, & Select Signature Series at $750.00. If that seems like a lot of money upfront, don't worry! We offer flexible payment plans. We also offer our clients a no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee if they're not dating differently by the end of their first coaching session!

Every divorced woman knows in her bones that choosing the wrong partner can be a costly mistake. If you're ready to date and want to do things right the second time around, we'd urge you to consider this Series a worthwhile investment in yourself. We offer divorced women something no other coaching firm out there can: a chance to learn everything you need to overcome past mistakes and find real lasting love.

I'm Interested! What Are My Next Steps?

We ask all of our prospective clients to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute Discovery Session with Coach Bernadette before enrolling in this Signature Series.

This Session will help us get to know each other a bit better, give you an opportunity to ask questions, and make sure this Signature Series aligns well with what you're looking for after divorce.

To get started, call us at (215)-968-4694 or click here to schedule your Discovery Session directly through our website.

E-mail works too! Reach out to us at

We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to help you answer the most important question of your life:

"How do I find true love after divorce?"